X to the Infinite Power
The symbol for the Sempiternal Harmony is the letter X raised to the Infinite Power.         
For many years the meaning was unknown but little by little the meaning has been
The X is considered in algebra to symbolize an unknown quantity.  In life one of the hardest
things to understand is one’s own life.   As an observer it is much easier to study something
other than one’s self.  Yet, within the confines of the body, great mysteries are
contemplated.  One of the many mysteries might be, “what is the nature of God.”
Infinity is regarded by some to be the dimension of God.  The Sempiternal Harmony
regards God as Infinite. This is often symbolized with a figure that resembles a number
eight laid on its side.
The symbol              represents the worldly union with God, and in particular the human
divine connection.    It is much more than just the human divine connection. All of the
sensory world is understood by Sempiternal Harmonists to be Divine as well.  For an
additional explanation of this relationship please see Sempiternal Harmony.    
 Ultimate Unity.